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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

British Occupation Money

I found this illustration of a British Commonwealth Occupation Force Special Voucher on a museum web site of the Reserve Bank of Australia.
This essay resides there. I have little further information right now, but I have asked the museum curator, and others, for more details. If they have any, I'll post a follow up.

Feb 26,

More on the British Commonwealth Occupation Force, Special Voucher

First, I want to point out an error on this essay. The issuing authority represented on the note is Joint Chief of Staffs, Australia, rather than the correct title: Joint Chiefs of Staff, Australia.
For two thirds of the period of occupation the Commonwealth was represented solely by Australians and throughout its existence BCOF was always commanded by an Australian officer.

My first reaction on finding this note (essay) on the Reserve Bank of Australia museum web site was that it was a counterpoint to the Japanese Invasion Money (JIM), and, that is was a proposed issue for use by the occupied Japanese population. That was certainly the context of the museum display. See: http://tinyurl.com/f5255

However, after further consideration of comments from others I now think that it was a precursor to the sterling based British Armed Forces Special Vouchers (BAFSV). But, the final story on this has still not been told! Theo van Elmpt, the recognized expert on BAFSV wrote this to me:

Hi David,

Thanks. I now believe that this essay is the result of the discussions in the 3rd quarter of 1946 when the voucher scheme for Japan was implemented. The net result was that the existing sterling denominated voucher were to be used. (see my book page 40 and on). I seem to remember that at the time there was some talk about a special design for Japan but it wasn't clear from the files that this had actually led to anything. I will consult my files and notes again to corroborate and let you know. (will take some time as they are now all stored abroad)
Thanks again,

I'll give further updates, as I get more information. Theo's book is the difinitive reference on BAFSVs: British Armed Forces Special Vouchers, Elran Press, The Netherlands,1994,

ISBN 90-801808-2-3,by Theo van Elmpt.
2 March

The Senior Archivist of the Reserve Bank of Australia wrote:

The voucher you refer to below is an original drawing (one sided only), which came to us from our note printing branch several years ago. Unfortunately we have very little information on this voucher, or the designs for it, but to our knowledge it was never issued. It is the only original preliminary drawing we have of a BCOF voucher.

Virginia MacDonald